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We aim to involve motivated undergraduate students in our research. While you may submit an application to become a research assistant in the lab at any time, we typically consider applications towards the end of the spring semester for open positions in the summer and/or upcoming academic year. No previous research experience is necessary, and we particularly encourage first- and second-year students and those who can commit to multiple semesters/years in the lab to get involved. Research can be completed for academic credit through the psychology, neuroscience, cognitive science, biology or chemistry departments. Research assistants gain an in-depth understanding of the research process, hands-on experience conducting human neuroscience and developmental science research, and valuable and transferable skills including the ability to think critically and work effectively in a team. Primary responsibilities include helping to run experiments, recruit participants, and analyze data. Particularly motivated individuals may become more involved in the lab. For example, past students have completed Distinguished Majors Projects, successfully applied for undergraduate research awards, and presented research posters at national conferences.

Open Positions: Open Positions
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