Image by Ana Tablas


Ages: 0-4 months

This study aims to assess how gene expression and parent-child interactions shape social processing during the first year of life.  

You will make one visit to the lab which will last about two hours.  

Participants will:  

  • Parent and Infant will provide a small saliva sample for DNA analysis 

  • Undergo a video-recorded feeding session with their child (this could be bottle-feeding or breast-feeding depending on the child’s normal feeding patterns) 

  • The infant will be rocked to sleep (as per their normal nap-time routine) and then placed in our fMRI scanner. Images of their brain will be taken as they listen to varying sounds (female infant-directed speech and running water) and as they are gently stroked on their foot with a paintbrush. 


As a thank you for your time, you will be compensated with a $50 visa gift card at the end of the visit

Please fill out this screening form to check your eligibility! 

If you have any questions, or want to sign up please contact us at 434-297-8985 or  

If interested, please email!